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Powerful, flexible, omnichannel point of sale


Powerful, flexible, omnichannel point of sale

Retail is a cloud-based commerce platform purpose-built for retailers.

Designed by retail veterans with over 100 years of collective experience, the software provides merchants with better control over sales and profitability by placing actionable real-time data in

the hands of every person who needs it, from the C-Suite to the store floor.

With inventory management, unparalleled custom reporting, open API and portability across platforms and devices, Heartland Retail is easy to use, quick to start and applauded by its users for making their jobs easier.


Benefits: A Closer Look

- Gain a competitive edge with data-driven insight

  • Remain agile and proactive in the face of dynamic market conditions

  • Use custom fields to collect the data most relevant to your business

  • Access up-to-the-minute data from anywhere on any device


- Boost customer engagement and loyalty

  • Empower sales associates with the data they need to offer every customer a personalized experience


- Understand and manage inventory like

never before

  • Know exactly how much you have, how much is on order and how many dollars you’re sitting on

  • Detect trends and pivot quickly when things aren’t selling

  • Delight customers by having the right stock

  • at the right time in the right place


- Assemble a low-cost enterprise-grade retail

technology stack

  • Integrate with best-of-breed partners in e-commerce, loyalty and more to build the best technology stack for your business

  • Developer-friendly Open API


- Reduce costs

  • Ditch expensive implementation and annual maintenance costs

  • Save on payroll by streamlining business operations


- Keep your hardware and your data

  • Hardware agnostic

  • Migrate your inventory, transactions and customer data

Key benefits include

  • Boost efficiency and streamline retail operations

  • Access real-time data from anywhere, on any device

  • Delight customers in store and online

  • Empower sales associates

  • Integrate with e-commerce seamlessly

  • Optimize inventory across every channel

  • Grow profitably and confidently with a flexible platform that scales alongside your business

End-to-end Retail Management Platform

- Cloud-based Point of Sale

Serve customers quickly and efficiently with a mobile, easy-to-use POS


- Multi-channel Inventory Management

Manage inventory efficiently and in real time while boosting margin and sell-through 

- Customer Management

Engage every customer personally through data-rich clienteling dashboards

- Order Management

Facilitate cross-channel sales quickly and accurately

- Purchasing & Receiving

Empower buyers with the data and tools to land the right products, at the right time, for the right price

- Real-time Metrics & Reporting

Gain a competitive advantage with data-driven insight


- User-friendly Mobile POS

  • Reduce training time, IT costs and headaches

  • Multi-channel inventory lookup

  • Compare sales to plan

  • Powerful promotions tools


- Built-in CRM

  • 360-degree view of your customers no matter where or how they shop

  • Loyalty & marketing integrations


- Analytics Engine

  • Real-time data

  • Unlimited custom fields & reports; export in multiple formats

  • User-based permissions

  • Compare data at any point in time


- Robust Inventory & Order Management

  • Omnichannel e-commerce integrations

  • Multi-channel inventory visibility & order distribution

  • Partial and full inventory counts

  • Transfer management, including discrepancy feature

  • Bin location field for warehouse management

  • Fulfillment alerts on dashboard

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