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The correct retail point of sale systems solution gives you the tools you need to run your business as efficiently and profitably as possible. Over 200 businesses have put their trust in POS Hawaii to not only provide the optimal retail management solution for their business needs but also to provide ongoing support of their systems. We provide software solutions for a single store or multi-store retail enterprises and our dedicated customer service provides 24/7/365 support to ensure you have access to world class support when you need it. We care about your success because ultimately the success of our business is defined by the success of yours.

We offer several retail solutions with seven major components: point of sale, analytics and reporting, inventory management, customer management, purchasing and receiving, accounting, and ecommerce. Which one is right for you? It's hard to say without knowing your needs. We encourage you to request a demo. We'll ask a few questions to help us tailor a demo for your business. You'll be amazed at the technology available and what it can mean for the growth of your business.

Let us show you how the right retail management software can help reduce your costs, drive growth and help you run your business more effectively. We look forward to speaking with you!

Retail Management and POS

We offer several software solutions that include robust inventory management, touchscreen point of sale, built-in customer loyalty, promotional couponing, hi-speed payment processing, customer management, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities.

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Secure, Hi-Speed Credit Card Processing

With multiple security layers, we are able to provide you with hi-speed processing that minimizes your risk of a credit card security breach. These hosted electronic payment gateways help you address the key elements of payment security: data storage and transmission of cardholder information.

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Inventory Management

We offer several powerful inventory management solutions including a top of the line inventory management software and tracking system. Our dynamic point of sale systems for managing inventory include a customizable matrix, reporting, loss prevention, variable pricing and much more.

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Mobile Point of Sale

Run your business from the sales floor as you help customers find products and ring up sales right on the spot. Mobility also allows you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathering: events, sidewalk sales, and trade shows.

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Seamless integration with your retail management system means less administration. Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date, and online orders show up automatically in your point of sale.

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Email Marketing

Connect with customers using an integrated email marketing tool that allows you to segment your customers based upon purchase history, customer category, preferences, and other data in the customer record.

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Retail POS systems are changing

If you run a retail business, you'll understand the need for a good point of sale system. The last thing you want is queues of customers waiting impatiently in line while your sales staff manually enter the details of their purchases into your system.

But there's more to a good point of sale system than just handling payments and recording sales quickly. If selling products is at the core of your business, your POS system should also be at that core. Being able to track sales, manage inventory, empower staff, identify regular customers and get the pricing right are a few of the things a good POS system should do.

Go mobile – take the checkout counter to your customers

In the conventional retail business model, people wander around your shop looking for things to buy and then bring them to a checkout counter to pay. But that model is changing fast.

Tablets and smartphones now enable your staff to take the checkout counter to your customers. With good POS software and a simple plug-in scanner, a hand-held device can become a mobile checkout.

This means you can rearrange your store so it's more attractive to your customers, instead of having to design it around a fixed checkout counter.

Increase your sales with on-the-spot purchasing

With mobile POS, your staff no longer have to wait for buyers to come to them – they can approach customers anywhere in the store and help them make their buying decisions. And if the POS software is integrated with good accounting software, your employees can handle credit card payments immediately and email the customer their receipt.

The big advantage of this is psychological – your retail staff can strike while the iron is hot. Customers are more likely to make assisted purchases on the spot, rather than pick up an item by themselves and carry it to the checkout. By removing that psychological barrier to purchase, you're likely to increase your sales.

Knowledge is power for employees

Staff turnover can be high in the retail sector, partly due to employee dissatisfaction. Some companies don't give their staff the tools they need to do their job properly.

Information is key to selling. The more information you give your employees about the range of products your business offers, the easier and more fulfilling their jobs will be. Your staff might not be able to retain detailed knowledge of your entire product range, but the next best thing to having that information in their heads is having it in their hands.

A good quality, easy-to-learn POS system will supply in-depth information about the products you sell, with useful references to related items, up-selling suggestions and sales tips. This will help your employees do their jobs better.

Gain and keep the trust of customers with secure systems

Some of your customers might question the idea of entering their credit card details into another person's smartphone or tablet. But good POS software will let you make the user interface plain and simple, hiding the app selection screen and making the smartphone or tablet look like a single-purpose sales device.

That will help your customers trust you, but you need to respect and repay that trust. All of your customers' private data should be securely encrypted, especially credit card details and other payment information. If you have any doubts, consult a security expert to audit your systems. Don't take any risks with customer data.

Simplify inventory management

Small business retailers understand the importance of inventory management. But doing this by hand can be time-consuming and limiting. For example, it's hard to tell which products happen to sell well on sunny Tuesday afternoons just by scrolling through paper receipts.

Good quality POS software will have inventory management built-in or as an add-on. This should help you establish which are your best-selling (and worst-selling) products. You should be able to 'drill down' further into the data to find out which products sell well on which days, or in which months, and at which prices.

This will let you fine-tune your inventory management process so you never run out of stock of your best-sellers, or waste shelf space on items that don't sell. You'll quickly see which product lines are the most profitable – right now, in real time.

And it will help you adjust your pricing policy to take account of customer behavior. This means everything you sell can be priced at the best point for you, keeping your business competitive while maintaining your profit margin.

Understand your customers better and increase sales

Think about how you can use the information you hold about your existing customers. Simply by asking customers their names, your sales team can quickly call up their entire purchase history, preferences, interests and even birthdays. If you use this information to develop customer loyalty programs, special offers and promotions, you'll be able to sell more products per customer.

Keep your customers happy and save money

A golden rule of business is that it's much easier and cheaper to hold onto an existing customer than to gain a new one.

With a good CRM system and clever loyalty rewards, all plugged into your POS and accounting software, you can save precious time and money and keep existing customers happy.