Table Management System

Manage customer service at a glance with DIGITAL DINING’s Table Management System. DIGITAL DINING’s graphical table display allows you to view the status of every table in your restaurant, providing you the information you need to heighten customer service while turning tables faster.The wait list management feature further improves your operation by supplying accurate wait times and allowing hosts to easily find preferred tables. Table management alarms also help servers and floor managers respond to guests who wait too long for service during their dining experience.
restaurant table management system

Three Operation Modes
Digital Dining provides different Table Management System options to table servers based on the register’s type. You can select a register type with one of three modes (Server, Host, or Bus), and the POS will provide options that suit that specific mode. For instance, a busser’s register won’t include options that are only needed by hosts, and so on.

Table Alarms
The Table Alarm feature is customizable to help reduce slow and poor table service at your restaurant. You can create custom alarms to remind staff to perform certain actions based on certain conditions, such as if a table server fails to attend to a table within a certain period of time or if they need to clear a table.

Alarms Reports
Alarms Reports allow restaurant managers to review information about their servers’ table alarms to spot and address possible service bottlenecks. You can use the reports to monitor the frequency of table alarms at the POS, including which alarms occur most frequently.

Room Layout Designer
The Room Layout designer allows you to assign specific properties to tables, table types, and rooms. When customers ask for a non-smoking, six-top table with a view of the water, the POS helps your host find an appropriate table and accommodate them quickly.

Wait List Management
Locate tables that meet your customers’ preferences using the Wait List management feature. Hosts can add customers to a wait list and Digital Dining will calculate accurate wait times and notify them when their tables become available.
Features Benefits
Host Mode The Host Mode feature allows hosts to find tables, seat customers, and enter drink orders fast and efficiently.
Definable Table Alarms You can customize table alarms to meet the operating style of your restaurant. Servers and managers can monitor specific tables that need attention using the POS.
Table Properties Digital Dining allows you to assign each table in the restaurant one or more properties, such as smoking or non-smoking, upstairs or downstairs, table or booth, practically anything a customer might request.
Staff Rotation Managers can use the POS to assign servers to new tables based on each server’s capability and current workload. The POS automatically distributes tables to servers evenly, providing a fair workload for every server.
Estimated Wait Time The Estimated Wait Time feature calculates real time information from all of the tables in the restaurant, enabling hosts to provide their customers with more accurate wait time estimates
restaurant table management system