Restaurant Reservation System

With DIGITAL DINING’s Reservations module, your hosts no longer need to “look for the book” or scribble notes on pieces of paper. DIGITAL DINING Reservations helps you take reservations faster while eliminating guesswork and reducing mistakes. Pending reservations instantly appear on the host register’s wait list.Thanks to its complete integration with the POS program, hosts can control tables and availability times without the hassle of double entries or transferred information. Special requests are no problem. Hosts can instantly check the availability of special requests, like ”a table for four near the fireplace.” And our extensive customizable reports allow managers to plan ahead to meet the needs of their customers.
restaurant reservation system

Helpful Alternative Suggestions
If a customer makes a request that is unavailable, the POS will notify you when you enter the reservation and automatically suggest other options. This allows you to inform customers and immediately offer alternatives that may suit them.

Special Events
Digital Dining allows you to define special events in the back office. When hosts create a reservation for an event, they simply select the pre-defined event from a list and the POS will automatically apply the event’s data to the new reservation. You can also include special instructions with each new event, which the POS automatically adds to each reservation.

Reservation Reporting
Digital Dining’s extensive definable reports allow you to filter and sort reservation information any way you need it. You can design reports that help you prepare for large parties, special requests, or special events. You can also use reports to analyze cancellations, “no shows,” and table information.

Handles Special Requests
You can define special requests, such as “smoking preference,” “special location,” or table types.” When hosts receive a special request, they can search for applicable tables by simply selecting the predefined request from a list. Also, you can attach miscellaneous notes to a reservation to remind the host of any extra information when the guests arrive.

Completely Integrated
The Reservation module works hand in hand with the Table Management module, the Host Register, and the Wait List. This allows the POS program to access a customer’s information from other sources (such as frequent diner records or house accounts) and apply it to a reservation. When a customer is seated, the POS automatically applies the customer’s information to the new check. The customer’s information (name, frequent diner number, or special request) follows the entire transaction, from the reservation to the table to the final payment.
Features Benefits
Large Party Setting Managers can identify large parties to ensure they receive extra attention (with special tables, menus, and specific requests).
Search and Edit
Existing Reservations
You can search for existing reservations by name, date, time, confirmation number, or special event. When you edit a reservation, the POS verifies the available seats again to ensure the revisions can be honored.
Confirmation Number Unique confirmation numbers are issued for each reservation, enabling customers and hosts to identify reservations quickly.
Frequent Diner Search Capability When entering a reservation for a frequent diner, you can save time by using the standard frequent diner search features to find the customer’s name and contact information and add it to the new reservation.
Customizable Table Characteristics You can associate tables with customized properties, such as “smoking preference,” “specific location,” or “type of table.” You can create any characteristic you need and apply it to any table in the restaurant. At the POS, the host can quickly search for tables that have one or more of these characteristics
restaurant reservation system