Drive Thru Software & Counter Service POS

A Quick Service POS needs to provide more than just Quick Service. From counter service to drive-thru you can order it, confirm it, bump it, park it, or pay it … We’ve designed the features for your operation!Combo meals made easy … DIGITAL DINING automatically recognizes the menu items and adjusts the price. Our “suggestive selling prompts” stimulate new sales and create coupons to bring ‘em back again. Lines too long? Cars backed up? Use DIGITAL DINING’s Handheld to “line bust” … Now that’s Quick Service!

Kitchen Video
Digital Dining’s kitchen video system reduces the average serve time by combining easy-to-manage kitchen routing options, “on the fly” prep features, and onscreen POS prep instructions.

Drive-thru POS
Manage one, two, or three window drive-thru operations efficiently with Digital Dining’s drive-thru POS. Add Handheld POS terminals to your drive-thru operations to expedite orders during peak hours of operation.

POS Prep Screen
Complete orders quickly by configuring the Counter Service POS to display four to eight of the last orders servers have taken. The POS clearly indicates whether the server should bag the order or place it on a tray.

Drive-thru Display
Speed up drive-thru orders and eliminate errors with the drive-thru customer confirmation display. The display screen, located with the menu board, allows customers to view their orders and correct any mistakes before they drive to the pick-up window.

Handheld POS
Extend your order handling capacity during peak hours of operation with the Handheld POS. Handhelds allow servers to take orders in the front counter line and have the same functionality as a normal fixed-counter POS. That means servers can take orders and accept cash payments quickly and easily. Use handhelds to deliver fast, convenient service at your drive-thru service as well.

Counter Service POS
Save screen space by using the dual mode Counter Service POS. The POS has a full screen of prep items, a full order screen with 48 quick server keys, and the ability to access thousands of items at the touch of the screen. Use the “on the fly” video feature to reduce prep times, ensure flexible kitchen routing, and promote quality production.
Features Benefits
Suggestive Selling You can create order profiles in the Back Office that run on the POS. When customers order certain items, the POS displays suggestive selling prompts right on the order screen.
Combo Meals Order components of a combo meal anywhere in an order using the dual mode Combo Meals feature. The POS sends the right items to prep and calculates the bill accurately.
General Reports Create customized Daily Summary Reports (DSR) using Digital Dining’s General Reports feature. Import data from existing spreadsheets directly into our general reports during automated end-of-day reporting.
Time and Attendance Digital Dining allows staff to clock in right at the POS and assigns proper pay rates and POS features based on each staff member’s department. Eliminate “buddy clock ins” with the integrated Fingerprint ID.
Labor Cost Reporting Identify and resolve labor issues quickly using flash reports at the POS. Our detailed cost analysis reports help you plan and control labor costs.