Hawaii’s Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Leader

Restaurant point of sale systems are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity. But if you're new to the business of making and serving delicious meals or are running your business on software that's 5+ years old, you may not understand everything that current point of sale software can do.

Restaurant Software: An Organization Tool
While point of sale software can assist in processing payments, it is also capable of being a key organization tool for your restaurant business. An organized business runs more efficiently and is able to serve more customers, and that brings in more money. What can you organize with your restaurant software?

Table Management
Being busy is a good thing for all restaurants, but not being prepared to handle a large amount of customers is not so good. With the appropriate POS software, you can keep track of reservations and of the seating at all of your tables. 

Order Tracking
Gone are the days of writing down an order in short hand on a piece of paper, walking into a chaotic kitchen, and placing that piece of paper next to several other pieces of paper that can easily get lost. Restaurant software takes in the order and conveniently prints it out for the kitchen, leaving your server free to take care of more customers. 

Inventory Tracking
Some POS software can even keep track of your inventory and compare that inventory to what has been sold. Knowing what you have, what you need, and what items may be going to waste makes your business even more efficient. 

Cost and Sales Reports
With all of that order and inventory tracking, a POS system can also generate sales reports so you know how your restaurant business is doing at all times, whether it’s by day, month, or year.

Employee and Payroll Functions
A POS system can also be used as your employee time clock, which allows you to keep track of employee schedules, overtime, and sales per each employee. Some systems even allow you to print out each employee’s schedule. 

Point of sale software can keep everything you need in one place so you know what’s happening with your business at all times. That makes your restaurant more efficient, allowing you to both save more money and bring in more money. Handle your credit card payments, and whole lot more, when you purchase a POS system.

Restaurant Point of Sale System Fees 
There are many different fees associated with a POS system. Find out what you’ll have to pay for when you purchase a new system.

The Different Types of Restaurant POS Systems 
Learn about the different types of POS systems and find out which one is right for your business.

Credit Card Processing
The ultimate purpose of a restaurant POS system is to place orders and process the payments for those orders. Since most people pay with credit cards, credit card processing is a major component to the POS system. As a result, which type of software you buy will affect which merchant account provider you decide to use (or vice versa). To be able to process all of the payments you want, you must make sure your merchant account is compatible with both your software and all of your POS equipment. In addition, you need to confirm that your merchant account provider offers services specific to the restaurant business, including the ability to add tips and bar tabs to a bill.

Choosing a Point of Sale System 
There is a POS system for every type of restaurant. Discover what kind of system you need, whether you own a fast food place or a full service dining establishment.


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