Labor Scheduling

Labor Scheduling ImageThe Digital Dining Labor Scheduling program allows you to create labor schedules for staff members more efficiently. You can use the Labor Scheduling program to record when each staff member is available to work in a typical week. You can also create labor budgets that allow you to record how much labor you require for each department in a typical (or atypical) week. The Labor Scheduling program also simplifies the task of creating new labor schedules by combining labor budget information with staff availability information, allowing you to view them simultaneously while editing new work schedules. The Labor Scheduling program also allows you to define different labor posts, which are specific areas or locations in a restaurant where staff members are stationed. By dividing your restaurant into separate labor posts, you can determine exactly where in your restaurant you need to schedule staff members. Labor Scheduling also allows you to control how and when staff members log in or out at the POS and how early or late staff members can log in or out without a manager’s permission.

The Labor Scheduling program also allows you to print labor schedules for individual staff members, specific staff departments, or an entire restaurant staff. You can also generate reports to help determine how much labor you might require in forthcoming weeks.